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Airmail is not “freeware” and can only be used with licensed, participating systems. These include ham radio, SailMail and others as detailed below:

·      Ham Radio: Airmail is licensed without charge to licensed radio amateurs for use on radio amateur frequencies. Downloads are available from the downloads page.

·      MARS: Airmail is also licensed without charge to stations participating in the US Armed Forces MARS system, and the Canadian CAFRS system, for handling personal, non-business traffic without charge.

·      SailMail: SailMail is non-profit association which operates a network of stations worldwide to provide radio email service for recreational vessels. Registration and an annual fee are required, refer to the SailMail web site for complete information.

·      BushMail: Airmail is the client program for BushMail, a commercial radio email service for land-based stations in Africa. See the BushMail web site for more information.

·      Airmail networks: There are a growing number of private Airmail client/server networks used by businesses and organizations to stay in touch. Send email to Airmail Support (subject “Airmail”) for more information.

·      Note: MarineNet has changed to a different, non-compatible protocol. As of Jan 1 2002, Airmail is no longer licensed by MarineNet and may not be used with the MarineNet system.

·      We also have a Windows 95/98/NT/2000 program available for the Trimble Galaxy Inmarsat-C terminal, see the Nebula page for more information.

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