for the Porsche 928

a plotting program for the SharkTuner from JDSPorsche

Sharkplotter software is available to registered owners of JDSPorsche's SharkTuner or SharkTuner2. It will be distributed on the SharkTuner software CD as a separate installer ("SharkPlotterInstall"), or can be downloaded from this page (see below).

If you don't have a SharkTuner, then start by buying one from us (click here) or JDSPorsche in the UK.

A registration code is required in order to install and run SharkPlotter, this is sent via email to registered SharkTuner owners. (If you own a SharkTuner and don't have a SharkPlotter registration code, then send us an email (click the link to send an email, or right-click and copy the address to your email program).

If you have questions or need help:

Downloads: If you own a SharkTuner but don't have a copy of SharkPlotter, then do this:

Note: For Win-7 you may see a pesky "may not have installed correctly" warning, just click "Cancel".

Read the manual first, it will make everything much more clear!

Happy tuning!

Jim Corenman


P.S. There is also a test version available, beta ver 1.1.028. Click here to download and install. There are new features, some of which are still work-in-progress and not yet complete (e.g. the 3D map view).